Going Backpacking In New Zealand? Go For It!

There are a ton of things to do when you’re in the country that shot the majority of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy’s scenes. Not only is New Zealand an amazingly beautiful country, there are also a lot of activities to do while there. It’s especially a lot better if you’re backpacking there and doing it with a bunch of people who are also backpacking along with you.

Mayhaps you are travelling all across the world after you left everything behind? Well, you should definitely consider going to New Zealand and coming back again and again after you’ve circled the rest of the world.

Visit Hobbiton!

Remember those hobbit houses that you saw in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies? Those house are actual structures in New Zealand. It’s one of the most popular attractions of the country. Even if you aren’t a LOTR fan, you would still be amazed and intrigues seeing Bag End, where little houses are literally under little hills and over some grass. Don’t pass this up. You can literally travel Middle Earth here. Join the tours that they offer!

The Great Walks!

You probably already know about how beautiful the areas are in New Zealand. It’s basically a land where fantasy could POSSIBLY exist. Heck, Peter Jackson’s movies practically advertised the entire place with the scenery. But I bet you didn’t know about the Nine Great Walks. It’s basically a hiking trail that passes through some very iconic and mind-blowing places in the country. You could see anything from active volcanoes to waterfalls to emerald lakes.

Go To Stewart Island

Want to visit an island that’s basically 85% a National Park? Stewart Island is practically that, where people would travel there to hike and go birdwatching. If you ever wanted a walking path that was less adventurous than the Great Walks, then you can come to Stewart Island for the hiking where everything is peaceful and pretty. You can even see some penguins waddled around the rocks, as well as a bird sanctuary that you can ogle at.

Adventure and nature is pretty much the entire being of this magnificent country.

Explore Wellington Botanic Gardens!

This is free! Entry here is free! It’s a magnificent and beautiful garden that you can freely explore and experience for yourself. Watch and stare at the colourful flowers and plants that surround the area. Lose yourself in the nearby forest—but don’t get TOO lost, you hear? You would still have a rose garden, the international collection and a landscape area to go nuts over. The best part is definitely the fact that it’s free. Did I mention that this giant garden is free and there is no entry fee? Because it’s free and you can visit it as many times as you would dare.