What Do You Do When You’re Finally Retired?

With all the money you’ve been paying and contributing to your retirement, have you actually decided what you’re GOING to do? We aren’t just talking about where you will be and who you will be with. You can’t exactly just keep travelling until you croak, right? You have other things you have and can do. It isn’t a state of being where you are only allowed to do one or two things. It’s just the same as when you still had to work, just with a lot more free time and money.

So what do you do? Where else would you go? You’ve been so used to working for 8 hours a day for decades that you probably will not like that amount of boring free time. What is there to do besides have fun?

Decide EXACTLY what you want

As much as we don’t want to think about it, time is limited. The reason why we start so early when planning our retirement is because we wouldn’t have a lot of time left to make sure it is perfect once it happens. Retirement only happens once in our lives. Make sure that you know EXACTLY what it is you plan to do once retirement comes.

Consider working part-time

As stated earlier, it isn’t all fun and partying. You’re going to get bored if it keeps happening. The best thing to do to keep yourself occupied during your days is to work part-time. Yes, you might not need the money but are you even in it for the money? You can even choose to apply for fun jobs that you would never have considered when you were younger. Try all of them if you must.

Maybe go volunteering

Why not volunteer for a great cause? If you want to live your remaining years helping people and putting on a positive spin to this cruel world. Go volunteer for something. The experience is fun and you might even make new friends. Show the younger generation that old people aren’t just the crusty and grumpy batch of this world. Make an effort to at least be remembered as someone good and have inspired them as they grow up.


Let’s be honest, we aren’t getting any younger. That isn’t just a saying, it’s a fact that people from way back then have tried to fight against. I’ve found out by watching my dad that the best thing to do to actively fight against aging, or at least prolong it as much as possible, is to exercise. My own dad has just recently retired but you wouldn’t know that with how he moves around and how young he looks. He’s already in his later 50’s but he looks like he’s in the middle of his late 30’s. It’s because he’s been exercising regularly. Granted, it’s unfair to use him as an example since he’s a retired cop and has been regularly working out because of his job, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start. Who knows, you might even enjoy it. What else have you got going for you?